Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Moving Train....

I have an ongoing conversation with an anti-Catholic...you know them...yea the one with the spotlight of grace only on him. Poor guy...thinks we Worship Mary and waste money on Buckets of Smoke. At any rate, in trying to come "over" to his level and get the discussion on a meanigful track I gave him this summary on why Catholic (not why Catholics have it right, just why...)

The RC Church's main obstacle to bringing Secular non-believers off the "street" is that whole appearance of ritual and adornment and complex processes. The feast of Antioch, the eucharistic adoration process, the RCIA. Unfortunately because the Church is centered around the Mass, and receiving grace from a dependant process of communion, confirmation, confession, penance, and Holy orders...its not a very attractive thing to enter. On the outside, its cumbersome, self boasting, and too complicated. I can imagine trying to make sense of it in Latin back in the 1960's. I liken it to learning to be a proficient musician, yes the path is long, requires repeated exercises of what at first appears boring, and non productive to understand its depth. But then oneday one can find themselves well beyond any depth imaginable...thats when it makes sense. Is it akin to making a Cheeseburger by killing a cow from scratch when I could just go to McDonalds? maybe, but my scratch burger tastes better and has given me a career training to process the meat, skin the animal, dress the hide and cook and prepare the Burger.

So there you have it...the begininng of a new "cast"...Pod or Broad or Blog. Maybe I'll get out the recorder...so much to say and the Pod cast is so portable...hmm.