Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fair Enough....

Its time I put out a description of the a-C and myself, for context sake and to better level the playing field for him. Know this...currently the a-C does NOT know this blog exists. I am private enough to only post stuff that is relevant and private info wont be revealed....we all deserve that respect.

The a-C is a man on fire Fundamentalist. He will tell you he is not in any specific flavor of Religion or Doctrine....he doesnt need a Church...he attends a Nondenom but only for meaningful Bible teaching and connection to other like "Saved" Christians. He is in my experience a Calvinist. He was born and raised a Catholic...I have liitle background on what that entailed, confirmed or not, but he shared his exit from the Catholic Church like this....

He sincerely searched for truth there, took part in Sacrements with no results, and being frustrated met up with a Christian ( guess) who had him study Romans verse by verse privately. Thats when he was Saved.

These days he wont get near the RCC. I asked him to attend a Contemporary Christian Concert I was playing in at my RCC and he said...and here I quote:

" Dude...If I made it to the parking lot without puking, I still wouldnt go in. To watch a self glorified Priest, resacrifice Christ in blasphemy, insult our Savior is too much to endure." The a-C believes the following"

  • No Catholic is Saved and there are No Catholics going to heaven....due to
  • The Catholics disrespect of Christs one time Sacrifice by Re-Sacrificing him repeatedly
  • None of the Catholic Sacrements are Biblically based
  • None of the Catholic Practices are found in the Bible
  • Tradition is not Biblically supported
  • No Indulgences or forgiveness is ever needed after one is saved, and believing that such things exist is proving to God you do not trust his intial Sacrifice...therefore you truly dont believe...therefore you are not Saved.

The a-C and I in our friendship have come to an affection for each other, sometimes strained, but nonetheless, he is today a well read Bible follower. Sola Scriptura all the way. Very convincing to any non-exposed secular person who encounters him, I must admit.

He has agreed to my ground rules for this comparison and investigation...that being....I will present nothing but biblical based evidence for all the RCC practices....all of them, and he will counterpoint. Do I believe I will ever prevail in bringing him home? I think his unfruitful RCC experience is an enormous obstacle to that, I can only hope. My main motivation here is to discover if his points have merit.

Are we (Catholics) bound for hell by taking in Communion?

It is my intent to intellectually, spiritually and religiously discover that here, in real time.


IrishEddieOHara said...

Hello Dave --

Interesting little tete a tete you are having with your Fundy friend. I was JUST LIKE HIM, with the exception that I was never Catholic and therefore never fell away. But all the things that you say that he believes, I believed myself (all Catholics go to hell, etc).

And now I am a member of our Lord's one, holy, catholic, and apostolic Church, and am every bit as on fire for the Church as he is agin it.

God has a sense of humor!!

I wish you well in debating this guy, but just beware. They are very subtle in the ways that they twist the scriptures to mean what they want them to mean (i.e., that the Catholic Faith is wrong, wrong, wrong).

Brother Ed

Theresa said...

Good for you for engaging this! I pray that it will help you come even closer to Our Lord. I will pray for both of you in your journey!

The Catholic Journeyman said...

Thank you Irish Eddie and Theresa for reading my blog. Your support for my work with the a-C is valued...the situation is, as you know, blessing me with more than just words...