Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Call to our Catholic Married Women...its Football Season

Where are your husbands on Sunday?

I am back from Mass today nearly outraged at yet again another Mass where the Married Women Parrishoners(assumed by my count as they were with children)outnumbered men by 5 to 1. As Winston Churchill once stated..."and that is something up with which we shall not put."

I have a distinct vantage point, as I am one of 5 standing (physically) Musicians for this weekly Mass and can count every head in the Church.

While I should be jaded and silent to it, due to the long standing statistic that only 15% (ish) of Married Parrish registered member Men attend weekly Mass, (a Holy Obligation nonetheless) but I am not callous to it. I cannot be. Its been epidemic level for too long.

And here comes Football season.

How many of you Catholic wives who live with a marginally or perfectly operating Male husband are letting him snow you into "its not my thing...that going to Mass stuff" ? I bet my cable subscription he doesnt make eye contact with you when he says that.

Enough Comedy.

I was one of those Men for a couple years. Until I was challenged for not leading my family by a (married male) friend of mine. No my wife never ran a guilt trip or even hinted at one, while she had every right to. (A master of self restraint that was) There is no reason, particularly if you have growing children, that Man cannot be at your side at Mass.


I want you to make an effort to reach him. If he has a computer or better yet an ipod or mp3 listening device, have him listen to some Men who are leading their families, and more than that, with a little time spent in Catholic Media.

Brian Hathaway

Joe McClane

Patrick Madrid

And you dont have to say anything except "Check this out Honey".

There are a good amount of Catholic Men (not Priests) who have podcasts on itunes that can speak to your...ahem...husband, in a way he will hear it and not feel...ahem..."wifed"...about it, so to say. The Catholic Hack episode #63 speaks abit to this sad dilemna and Fr. Chavez has a take on the Ladies and their talent as well, that may be a tool in your belt for you to use.

Lastly, I read a fair amount of Catholic and non-C womens blogs and hopefully I have a few Women readers that know some that are in the position of which I speak.

I would love any comments on this, and be advised I have Tivo so I can prioritize my watch schedule and include my wife If she wants to see the Bucs pound the Patriots.