Monday, July 7, 2008

Mary as Co-redemptrix

The a-C brought the "co-redeemer" question into play today, stating that JP II wrote official Church Doctrine stating such....which is not the case.

The concept "Co-redemptrix" has not been formally defined as a Marian dogma, although petitions for declaring it (along with Mediatrix) a dogma have been submitted to the pope by various Cardinals and bishops. It would become a fifth Marian dogma if approved by the Vatican.

The concept of Co-redemptrix refers to an indirect or unequal but important participation by the Blessed Virgin Mary in redemption. She gave free consent to give life to the redeemer, to share his life, to suffer with him under the cross and to sacrifice him for the sake of the redemption of humankind.

The Roman Catholic view of Co-redemptrix does not imply that Mary participates as equal part in the redemption of the human race, since Christ is the only redeemer . Mary herself needed redemption and was redeemed by Jesus Christ her son. Being redeemed by Christ, implies that she cannot be his equal part in the redemption process(1).

We (me included) have to be careful to fully research claims coming from incomplete definitions and outside of doctrine writings. I, in my limited comprehension dont have a problem seeing this as compatible with Sacred Scripture, as long as the terms indirect and unequal are stated clearly.

(1) See Wikipedia-"Co-redemptrix"


Tmac said...

CJ - interesting post. The question I have, however, is why does the Church need another Marian dogma to emphasize her already important role in the Church? Also, thank you for visiting my blog and for your nice comments. Please feel free to post a link to anything I write. I'd feel honored. :)

The Catholic Journeyman said...

Tmac - a few perspectives on this hot topic may help (I am not the scriptural scholar ((yet))so I cite resources that appear to have a balanced yours)
In the words of Jimmy Akin..."The Church is free to change any part of doctrine they so deem appropriate or divinely inspired (sic)".

But as you said, is there really a need to add more Marian Dogma? On one hand I have enough work getting my anti-Catholic Brothers in Christ to see scriptural basis for the 4 existing Marian Dogmas today...let alone putting her a few molecules away from Christ himself as a perceived co-redeemer. The petitions for Co-redemptrix and Mediatrix appear on the face of them to pull dangerously away from the "Mary points to Christ" angle I have leaned on with direct scriptural documentation.

Fr. M.D. Forrest, M.S.C has the balanced view I stay with for now:
"Before explaining to you, my dear friend, Catholic doctrine and practice regarding the Blessed Virgin Mary, let me state two truths that the Church teaches most emphatically: (1) God alone, the Supreme, Infinite Being, must be adored. To adore any creature, however exalted, would be to commit idolatry. It is simply absurd and also grossly unfair to say that Catholics adore Mary. (2) Jesus Christ alone is our Mediator of Redemption. He alone, by his supreme sacrifice, of infinite value, redeemed and ransomed mankind."

Need? I dont think so. Does she warrant it? I have to rely on infallible revelation to the Papacy to determine that.

By the way, if you havent heard Karlo Broussards 1 hour CAL podcast (2/11/08) on the 4 Marian Dogmas, or care to, I can send you link ... Karlos' take is staggeringly pure.
(Is "staggeringly" a word?)