Thursday, July 24, 2008

Blogcast #2 - #3

I'll be going away from this blogoshpere on vacation for about 10 days. I plan to (other than spend valued time with the CJ family) put Podcast #2 and #3 in the recorder during the next week or so.

#2 outline:
The real discernment of my personal belief ability. How I was able to get beyond personal conceptual obstacles like my own motive for Belief, cause and effect in my own life history, conscious effort to get outside of my self-imposed mental limits of spiritual comprehension.

#3 will focus on some sacremental research I was pulled into and why, a path to understanding the mechanics of the Mass and some epiphany moments with other Christians who illuminated aspects of tangible Christian personal experience.

I do have a line of a-C post drafts in the works of current conversations, so much so I am getting a bit out of sequence with his database, but will catch up.

So I'll be back in early August.