Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Years ago I attended a Christian Mens Evangelical Event with a Methodist friend of mine, where volumes of information was revealed about the modern Christian Mens Ministry movement in this Country. One of the primary tools this particular outfit professed as essential for Christian Men in our culture is the Accountability Group. The pretense is based on (specifically) adult Christian Men establishing close, vulnerable and routine relationships with each other, where they meet routinely to expose their emotional wounds, relate their internal struggles and keep tabs on each other from a goal oriented spiritual foundation, with other like minded-value driven Christian Men. For instance, like minded Christian Married Men in a locality or specific Church meet weekly to have the support of their spiritual peers on the male baggage (Lust, greed, pride, etc.) created by this Culture that we battle daily. Its a good concept...I even tried to get an accountability group started in my area (multi - Denom) but got no response.

The Calvary Chapel denomination has a similar arrangement called "Life Groups". They are a growing denom in my area. These groups often employ some outside ministry efforts on their own but primarily meet in homes and over time establish close enough ties to have a nominally positive effect on their personal lives, generally, in my opinion.

What success these relationships have are based on accountability for your actions (sins) and attempting to the best of their abilities, to employ peer based measure of support and some level of confidentiality. Sound familiar? Its a lay Christian Psychiatry/Psychology practice. Unload your troubles, get related to, get relief and support, rinse and repeat.

While I see the benefit myself, the one thing that is missing from these efforts is the 90% that makes it meaningful spiritually.

Reconciliation. Absolution. Forgiveness.

Catholics have the whole thing covered. Confession (in confidentiality) with one of authority (makes for the accountability) true repentance, penance and the absolute assurance, biblically, that this man walks out of that session able to start anew.

Cant do all that with pal Roger in a coffee shop.