Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Have an original thought, then Blog it

Become authentic. Place yourself in the path of an idea. Dont just read something and adopt its position...explore it further. There is way to much rerunning of writings and knowledge in this subculture of blogging. Start with an authentic self attitude and Post your direct experience. This is the art of giving....your original experience. Example. I read an opinion of someone well known in the Church..."the Catholic Church holds itself to be (among all Churches) the most fully and rightly ordered by Christ, through time. I have experience of that, as truth. What makes that true for me? (I will post in the next entry) Now thats original and authentic. That communication has New Value to a reader or someone searching for a relation. Get it?


TM Claude said...

I have started a Catholic literary magazine and after reading some of your blog posts thought I would extend an invitation to participate. Please join me, Joseph Pearce, Bill Powell and many lesser known and equally talented writers as we revive the rich Catholic literary tradition.

God Bless
Theron Michael Claude
The Penitent Press

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