Saturday, June 18, 2011

Open Letter to Mr. Corapi

Dear John - (I hate the way that sounds) Sorry to hear of all your troubles....really, its intensely shameful how more silly humans in their own self appointed positions of "Authority" over your daily work are treating you. Yes, you had to resign. Your written response seems humble and pragmatic about the reality of the presumed guilty perceptions by others.

Just to be clear, on public level, I am not a big fan of your work. Its good don't get me wrong, but I prefer Abp. Sheen frankly. Anyway....

Could you have waited and fought this out? Where would that go with your Daily work? Nowhere, like you knew that already. This is a "perception" issue and no one gets beyond that stigma, which I am confident your move out of Priesthood is based on.

Whether or not you committed the behavior in the accusation is really not mine or The Churches to determine. Your teaching on conscience knows the truth. What is revealing here is how the "Church" Bishophood has secularized its response (by restricting you initially) due to media trends and an attempt to control that environment in that the Church Public image is everything. Their response appears to be overkill compared to admitted child abusers. I guess we'll see how this escalates in their camp.

Back to you though John.

Should you publicly deny the accusations, ignore them or admit them in the future is without my interest. The thing of value here is your heart John. Please remember your own words as you were an effective tool for many years in many hearts. Your guilt or innocence has no public value John, its your heart, your truth, your conscience and its value to the good of others.

To anyone else reading this I would suggest considering the following perspective:

Lets wash Johns feet. He deserves it no less than you or I and its how his Master ministered.

God Bless you John.