Thursday, May 14, 2009

Silly Humans are all around Notre Dame is reporting that $13.9 Million in donations is now lost due to Fr. Jenkins weak defenses of his Commencement/Obama decision. Truth is, Fr. Jenkins is on a B.O.D. of a pro-abort/pro-contraception organization and that is just hitting national light today. Truth is, Fr. Jenkins reports to a Trustee Board that exercises whatever secular influence they need on ND Leadership.

Fr. Jenkins is just a symptom. I cant wait for the speech and degree award spectacle, unless there is a last minute pull-out by either Jenkins or Obama, this will reveal just how silly humans under cultural apathy fail in our Church. Picture this, if Jenkins published a mea culpa and went to confession, he still has no fit for running a Catholic Institution based on a long history of degraded compliance with his own ordained Catholic conscience, let alone the Catechism. He is but a silly human.

There are silly humans on all sides of this issue. I don't agree with using a financial loss as a motivator to get Fr. Jenkins attention, if that worked it would just indicate how materially his values are based. But silly humans dont think ahead of their mouth or pen very well.

Fr. Jenkins is ignoring the Catechism, and we are enjoying the fight at the Church's expense.
We are silly humans. The Church is suffering the most here. More later from this silly human.