Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Prayer to my Mom

Thanks Mom.

Thanks for dragging my whining little 4 year old butt to Catholic Church and making me go thereafter "even if Dad stayed home".

Thanks for grabbing my hands, folding them in reverential prayer and whispering the Creed, the Lords Prayer and the Hail Mary in my ear.

And for making me kneel, when I thought it was the most excruciating torture imaginable,

And for marching me down the aisle every Sunday to get my head crossed and patted by that "dusty old Priest".

For making me stop doodling during the whole atrocious Latin filibuster, Sunday after Sunday after Sunday.

For making me try to outsing that massive scary Mack Truck of a Pipe organ.

For putting me in Catholic Grade school with those fierce Disciplinary Nuns wielding the power of God against all who chewed gum in class.

For exposing me to the most beautiful Liturgy on the planet.

For planting the seed of Catholic truth as best you could, given my constant belligerence, even if the roots took 30 years to stick.

For loving me long enough and deep enough to never let go of me.

I know you know all this but I have to say it.

Thanks Mom.


Your Son.


~Joseph the Worker said...

That's wonderful. I also have to give thanks to my grandparents for instilling a faith in Christ in me when I was a child, although it wasn't Catholic until much later.