Friday, May 30, 2008

Status update

Been rat racing for secular paychecks up to 16 hours a day since early May, however....because of the long commute to and from work (2 hours a day) I have been studying Mr. Akin's C.A.L. Podcasts and one in particular C.A.L. cast from Karlo Broussard on the 4 Dogmas of Mary. Check them out if you are of the "Ituning" sort. Karlo has Mary solid. Will use this info on the a-C soon in another response to his broken anti-logic.

On another note, I am recording audio pieces to assemble into a podcast, a first episode, and introduce my journey. Currently the Podcast format (thought) would be to take my blog topics and expand them with excrutiating "Why not the Eucharist" would be one full 40 to 60 minute episode. Thats where I am headed for now. It may be early June before I can free up adequate time to blog post...please come back for that or subscribe.