Monday, May 5, 2008

Scripturally handicapped?

Its true. The a-C and I had a chuckle recently. He tells me he went to a Charity Dinner, with mostly Catholics, and proceeded to challenge one of them by introducing himself as a "Non-Catholic Anathema". The Catholic looked at him really puzzled and replied..."you're a what"?"

"Anathema, isnt that what you Catholics say the Bible says I am, since I dont believe in Catholicism?"

The Catholic Man replied...

"Um, no, not at all!" with a smile.

The a-C stated..." well Romans Ch3, ver........" The Catholic man then walked away.

I said "a-C, you ought to know better than to attack a Catholic at a casual Secular Dinner Event with Scriptural Apologetics."

He says "Why not?"

I said "a-C, you know we Catholics are Scripturally Handicapped, why rub it in the poor guys face?."

(Of course we know why now don't we?)

(Now for my comments)
This is a typical example of the lack of fundamental basis for the a-C's hostility toward our Faith, and why it is so dangerous.

  1. He has no accurate grasp on the specific definition of an "Anathema". An Anathema was a Publicly excommunicated Catholic. It required a proclamation by the Priesthood no less to fit this definition. The RCC abolished this ecclesiastical law as well (as it is free to do so). The a-C doesn't know that and doesn't care to research its specific basis. He abandoned the Church voluntarily...too bad he doesn't see the embarrassment of his technical ignorance.
  2. The attack is not based in love let alone a cordial or even friendly introduction on his part to another Christian. Its an antagonizing selfishly motivated attempt at inducing the "enemy" into his fight. The motive is clear, even with a display of sarcasm, one could not in any reasonable fashion find this kind of introduction to a person as approachable.
  3. The lack of respect is blatant and intentional. Imagine having a level of righteous arrogance high enough to brush this off as a passing funny exchange.

Protestants like him (not all) are too quick to disdain Catholics, driven by narrowly researched postures, opinions of Catholic practices that are twisted and flawed. Should you run into one of these fragile souls, be kind but keenly aware to defend a sudden attack. Represent our Faith with love in return. It may be the only way to contrast their approach enough to cast a bit of visible light to them of their sinful attacks.