Sunday, March 21, 2010

Silly Humans Vol. 2 - The "Reformed" Catholic Clergy Scandal

Silly Humans are at it again. They (we) are treating the Catholic Church with the same media artillery fire which they tragically find so superficially effective on TMZ or in the Enquirer. I'm not just talking about the old and tired paintbrush of heresy on the Priests at fault themselves, those are predictable and correctly aimed at least. I am talking about the media taking aim at Pope B16 and calling him out to proclaim the buck stops with him, that B16 will let the hammer down, take personal responsibility, blah, blah blah, as if the Church were Enron.

In Faith, it doesn't work that way, sorry.

B16 did take the media's card deck with urgency and cut it, playing the current cultural card game of issuing a statement of visible Authority to the level it made sense to the Secular outcry, however, B16 cannot "fire" the perps in a retributive bloodletting that the Secular world thirsts for. The Secular Silly Humans cannot understand how accountability works between our Lord and Father and the sinner at fault. The Father (IE. God) calls for obedience, and when the Sinner turns to Him in sincere effort to obey, that's when our Faith in mercy matters. Can any Catholic minimize or tolerate Clergy sex abuse? No. I wrote extensively @ The Circle about this last month which covers how members of the Body should treat the issue amongst any Christian Faithful.

My point here is they (we) Silly Humans need to stop acting like rabid journalists viewing the Vatican as the source or prevention of this shameful abuse of Religious position. It is not effective to publish cultural sanctions on the Church. We Humans appointed ourselves as followers, flawed ones, and we will fail on our way to forming a worthy relationship with our Almighty Father. The Church is not a failing profit center falsifying its annual report, and the Pope is not Chairman of its Board.

The media needs to realize this actuality, and act accordingly.

Just sayin'


Scott said...

Why does the Pope have limited power in this situation when leaders in your church are caught in a disgusting sin, yet has limitless power to appoint or dictate practice among the entire Catholic church when things are going great?

The Catholic Journeyman said...

Scott, I apologize for seeing yopur comment so late. The "power" you refer to is not limited. The Pope is in this case choosing forgiveness over what we feable humans think as effective discipline (IE fire them).

Its disappointing to read another broadbrush view like yours that doesnt get the point I am making, and maybe thats my writing style at fault. I thought making a Corporate business analogy would show the difference between our secular thinking, the media and the Church.

I guess all I can put out there to try and connect with you on this goes back to what you call "your church", and that fingerpointing misconception.

The Catholic Church as we have tried to maintain and build for 2000 years preserves itself as the most fully and rightly ordered Church through time and this in no way means that the Church is the totality of Jesus Christ. We and the Pope are only silly humans attempting our best effort to worship Him.

The practice of punishment for Sin is not always the most effective tool for learning. The Crucifixion demonstrates this clearly.

You and I need to stop the "your" and "my" language and start talking and listening more. Thats my point. Thank you for commenting Scott.

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