Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Notre Dame Thing

I've heard so many skewed judgements about this issue from every angle, its excruciating...here's a variety of official and non-official conclusions published so far:

  • Obama must be cancelled from speaking at Commencement
  • Obama can speak but he cant be given the Honorary Law Degree (that would be Catholics honoring a Heretic)
  • Jenkins needs to be fired for not consulting the Canon Law compatible speakers List
  • Jenkins' Bishop needs to be fired
  • They both need to be fired
  • Obama should take the hint and decline the event, out of respect for the Church
  • The Church has already sinned by inviting Obama, so all 1 Billion of us need to go to confession, including Benedict, with urgency
  • The Pope should pre-emptively anathematize Obama before we are all doomed by the Speech actually occurring at ND

I needn't go on.

The damage to the Worlds "perception" of the Catholic Church was done when Obama was elected by a majority of Catholics. Having him speak at ND is microscopic comparatively. Jenkins did what he did, he cant reverse that intent now.

Having Obama get near any kind of real Catholic flavored institution, let alone inside one, is an unprecedented opportunity for a striking influence of magnitude on Obama...if the right Catholics playbook the event with the power given them.

Lets see what happens.

Just sayin'.


~Joseph the Worker said...

I thought his speech and the covering up of IHS at Georgetown was bad enough. I dread seeing what happens at Notre Dame.