Friday, October 3, 2008

We Interupt this Blogcast #3

This Blog has little political content, while I do follow the state of our political and economic planet, the personal context of Catholicism and Life is pre-dominant here.

Unless both subjects cannot avoid each other effectively. Enter Robert Baer.

I heard this interview on NPR’s Fresh Air this morning and understood his non-partisan insight and potential prediction of the reality of what may effect our American lives in and after the November Election, regarding Mid-East Oil, Energy, Credit, Isreal and Palestine.

While I see one Presidential Candidate advocating straight diplomacy with Iran, and anothers cautioning that would be courting the insane, Ex CIA operative Robert Baer lays out why the U.S. needs to sit down with our enemies, or potential enemies, and hear the signals of their intent inside their messages of deception. Or, if not, listen to our recent intelligence on Irans plan to dominate the mid-east and why we know it. While no one is 100% right on this complex situation, I believe Robert Baer has a warning and strategy and multiple scenarios of the future that are all dependant on this mid-east pivotal country of Iran. Whether or not the U.S. views this reality though Isreals lens of understanding, this issue is volatile enough to be a priority of Diplomacy or Intelligence or both. Check out the interview.