Monday, September 15, 2008

Notes from a Subculturist

How much fun is it, that is....chasing defense strategies for Mary's "Romanist" position?, or the crusades? or praying the rosary? Haven't we all seen enough spilled ink over these issues to fill a stadium already?

I read a pointed article on the subculture of Catholic Apologetics by Mark Shea that speaks well to this subject. While nearing the end of the article I found myself saying "hey...he's talking about me" (and Mr. Troutman, and Mr. Stellman and a few thousand other bloggers/writers).

Marks' take rings a Centrist bell in me that a balance of content, perspective and experience is essential in this quest for the Church's ultimate truth. Fanaticism is sometimes one post or email away for alot of us, myself included at times. I read volumes of no win fight tactics at the Catholic Answers Forums on occasion and cant help but shake my head and think...forget ecumenism, these people shed zero Catholic Light. Alas...I have been guilty of same.

Intellectualism, and perfecting a vocabulary of stunning effect is impactful, I must admit, I am impressed with the skills those on my Blog List possess, (and on their lists), but there is a time for balance and perspective and open minded pondering of all viewpoints.

Matt Maher was on "Life on the Rock" this past week and was pushed somewhat to point out his apologetic approach when put in that position (not musically). He was beautifully simple about it..."speak in their language, which is the language of relationships."

I am down with that.

So why bother? One could rightfully ween themselves off this Apologetic effort once the volume of already documented positions are counted. The sheer mass of counterpoints that have been published and spoken and recorded and read and regurgitated in book upon article upon tract upon blog should be enough to have the entire planet at Mass on Sunday five hundred years ago. Aren't we all so derivative? Don't get me wrong...I am in for the long haul. And that's one of the primaries I keep this up.

Here's the thing....Someday, Karl and Scott and Jimmy and Patrick and Mark Shea and the rest of the first wave of Catholic Apologists will need us to take up their song harmoniously. Another primary motivating factor is the amazing way apologetics force us to explore the depths of Christ and what he left for us....all of it. The more I discover, not just Catechetically, but from all these other humans' viewpoints, the more the depth becomes, exponentially. The beauty is immersive. The knowledge to be attained is vast.

Tip of the berg indeed.

Besides, if we all had Catholic "buy in", what would we podcast and blog about? Pizza?

Not much fun in a Pizza blog.