Monday, June 9, 2008

Podcast This...

I am halfway into the first podcast recording/production. While recording and editing, I am finding myself needing to post a description and introduction to format, mainly to keep my purpose within certain lines. (So I can refer back to this post for my own guidance)

The primary message I want to convey here is that I am the American everyman. I am you (unless you are Mr. Akin or Mr. Grodi, etc). I am the guy who lives in this stress charged, media driven Culture and have taken on not just seeking Christ, but am immersing myself in Catholic Faith Re Formation, Catholic Faith Life and Catholic Doctrine Study....all while being attacked by a fallen Catholic Fundamentalist...who I cannot walk away from. The a-C and I have dealings together that require almost daily communication, and those dealings are long term and cannot be dropped for survival reasons.

Initially, the podcast is intended to get you to relate to me. Narrating my intellectual struggle in comprehending this Faith, as deeply as possible. For now, I have no motive to record anything but my voice and some bumper music. This is about the journey as it has been in the last few years up to now. No sound effects, no attempt at lay comedy, no false front that I am trying to be a professional broadcaster. Feedback I'm sure will come.

I hope you come back and find my first podcast and listen.